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document Can not completely open the testing Console.
Error Description: MAT CBT Console application opens but closes down before you are able to enter a password. Resolution: To resolve this issue, open windows task manager and click on the Processes tab. Sort the processes by Name and check to see if MAT Test Console is in the list. If so, select and click end process. Now launch the...
14 Apr, 2010 Views: 3175
document System Requirements
Recommended system requirements Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, NT 4.0 SP6a  Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher 400 Mhz Processor or higher 128 MB RAM (more memory improves performance) Display 800x600, 256 colors or better 150 MB Free disk space Mouse CD-ROM drive Stable and persistent internet connection User's...
25 Oct, 2012 Views: 3796
document Unable to enter an Examinee's full name
Problem: After entering an examinee's name into, the ending appears to have been cut off. For example, after entering "Christopher," the examinee's first name will appear as "Christoph". Resolution: There is a nine (9) character limit on first names and a twelve (12) character limit on last names. 
25 Oct, 2012 Views: 3101
document What do I need to start the test?
The following items are required to log into the test workstation and take the Miller Analogies Test. Unique Test Activation ID (Listed on the test ticket provided by the proctor, after test registration has been completed). If you have lost your Test Activation ID, please notify the test proctor immediately. Student Date of Birth. The required...
05 Apr, 2010 Views: 2892
document Where is the initial registration user id and password
The initial registration User ID and Password are located in the welcome letter that arrived or will arrive as part of the MAT CTC test kit. Additional Information: If you have lost this information, please contact Customer Relations at 800-622-3231.
05 Apr, 2010 Views: 3388