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  • Caseload
  • A number of cases handled in a given period.  AIMSweb terminology referring to Progress Monitor and RTI account home pages used to display active student listings.
  • Class
  • The student listing and arrangement by homeroom teachers.
  • Cognitive Skill
  • A persons ability for thinking, reasoning, and applying logical thought processes
  • Composite Score
  • A single score used to express a combination of scores, by averaging or summation, from several different tests administered to a single examinee

  • Computer-based Testing (CBT)
  • A form of test administration wherein a test is adapted to a computerized format and displayed to the examinee using a personal computer, an Internet connection, and a browser. The examinee typically responds to the test items using the keyboard and mouse with the results transmitted over the Internet connection to a remote location for scoring. CBT may also require the installation of specialized software on the examinees computer. CBT frequently offers the option for immediate scoring and delivery of results.
  • Constructed-response Item
  • An item on a test that requires the student to formulate a written or graphic response rather than simply marking the correct answer. If the required response is brief, such as with a fill-in-the-blank exercise, it may be called a short-answer item. If an item requires a more substantial amount of writing or other activity, it may be called an open ended or extended response item.
  • Conversion Tables
  • Also called norms tables, conversion tables present normative data (norms) used to convert a student's test results from raw scores to scaled scores as well as to derived scores, such as percentile ranks and stanines
  • Correlation
  • A basis for comparison; a standard of rules on which a decision can be based.
  • Criterion
  • A standard or ideal used as a basis for comparison in terms of which a judgment can be made. A reference point or expectation against which student achievement and performance can be evaluated.
  • Criterion Referenced (Reports)
  • A reporting method which uses pre-set criteria to determine an outcome.
  • Criterion-referenced Test
  • A measure of a students mastery of instructional standards. The focus is on actual performance relative to what is expected rather than to the performance of others who take the same test. See also norm-referenced test.
  • Cumulative Percent
  • See percentile rank
  • Customer ID Number
  • A unique account number assigned to an organization at the time of AIMSweb purchase.
  • Customer User
  • An AIMSweb user level; AIMSweb Customer Users are AIMSweb Managers and AIMSweb Reporters and can access information for all districts and schools within the AIMSweb account.
  • Cutoff Score/Cut Score
  • The minimum number of score points an examinee must earn to demonstrate successful attainment of a specified level of achievement or performance. Cutoff scores mark the threshold in terms of which a students performance is categorized such as pass/fail or low/medium/high.
  • CWS
  • Correct Writing Sequences