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document How do I import parts of the report into my own personal template?
When a report is generated through the PsychCorpCenter-II platform, it is created within Microsoft Word™ or Microsoft Word Viewer™ using default PCC-II product templates. These template styles and the generated report(s) within them may be used as is or they can be used to complement an already created personal report template. Follow the steps...
30 Jun, 2010 Views: 5350
document PsychCorpCenter.ProductManager.IsFeatureActivated()
Error Description: TPC.PCC.Platform.Utilities.PCCException: An error occured at location: PsychCorpCenter.ProductManager.IsFeatureActivated() Error Message: No value given for one or more required parameters. Source: Microsoft JET Database Engine Resolution: This error message is seen when clicking on the “Score and Report” button...
19 Apr, 2010 Views: 4960
document unable to load graphic conversion filters
Attempts to run a report using the WAIS IV Writer in PCC-2 and receives following error message. Document-word pad Microsoft Word 97 conversion unable to load graphic conversion filters. continue with document conversion. Hits yes and error message still appears. Hits No and receives this error message:an unexpected error occured while...
18 Aug, 2010 Views: 1971
document Unable to verify license file
Error Description: Unable to verify license file TPC.PCC.Platform.Utilities.PCCException: An error occurred at location:PsychCorpCenter.Entitlement.ValidateLinecse() Error message: No Value given for one or more required parameters. Source: Microsoft Jet Database Engine Resolution: This message is received when trying to activate products...
19 Apr, 2010 Views: 4497