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Browser Language Support

Article ID: 4475
Last updated: 10 Feb, 2012

It is expected that candidates taking assessments will have their browser language set to any number of languages. Many people in North America have their browser language set to English; however, some may also have the browser language set to Spanish, Chinese, French, or Arabic. Outside of North America, a variety of browser language settings are found. To accommodate this, functionality is built-in to the assessment delivery platform to display navigation buttons, system messages, and on-screen system information (such as the Progress bar and timer) in the language specified by the candidate's browser language setting. This functionality is applicable for the following languages:

  1. English
  2. English (UK)
  3. Spanish
  4. Spanish (Mexico)
  5. Arabic
  6. Chinese (PRC)
  7. Chinese (Simplified)
  8. Czech
  9. Dutch
  10. French
  11. French (Canada)
  12. German
  13. Greek
  14. Hindi
  15. Hungarian
  16. Italian
  17. Korean
  18. Polish
  19. Portuguese
  20. Portuguese (Brazil)
  21. Russian
  22. Swedish
  23. Thai

Note: If the candidate's browser language is set to something other than one of the 23 languages specified above, the buttons, system messages and on-screen system information are displayed in English (or the language of the assessment).

This functionality does not affect the language of the assessment. English language assessments are displayed in English. Some "global" assessments are available in languages other than English such as Spanish, French, or Dutch. If you need an assessment in another language, review the catalog options for the assessment. The assessment language is selected at the time of purchase, so if you need a Spanish assessment, you must select and purchase it from the catalog. For global assessments, the country selected indicates the language of the assessment. For example, selecting the "France" version of the assessment indicates the assessment will be presented in French, selecting "Netherlands" indicates a Dutch language assessment, and selecting "India," "Australia/New Zealand," or "UK" indicates a UK English assessment.

For test administrators, depending upon your browser and the options you are using within the Pearson Private Label platform, it is sometimes best to have your browser set to English. If you are running into problems viewing items on the Results tab (Assigned Detail or Completed results displays) such as seeing blank results when results should display or if dates are appearing incorrectly, this may be related to the language setting of your Internet browser. See Changing the Browser Language Setting for detailed instructions.

Article ID: 4475
Last updated: 10 Feb, 2012
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