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Assigning Custom URL Candidates to a Group

Article ID: 4408
Last updated: 16 May, 2014

In order to keep track of all candidates who took an assessment via a Custom URL you can place them into a Group.

To place Custom URL candidates into a group:

  1. Create a Group using Group Management (see "Creating a Group Using Group Management" below) or by importing candidates (see "Uploading Candidates to Create a Group").

  2. When creating the Custom URL, select the new group from the Assigned Group drop-down list (as shown below). All candidates who take the assessment via the Custom URL will be placed into this Group.


Once the Custom URL candidates are in a Group, you can perform group functions such as displaying the Assigned or Completed detail pages (accessed from the Product Status Matrix on the Results tab) by Group as shown below:


Creating a Group Using Group Management*

  1. Go to the Group Management page by selecting Assign | Groups.

  2. Click the Add New Group button. The following screen will display:

  3. Fill in values for the required fields, Group Name and Description. The area under Search/Selected Candidates is optional and can be left  blank if you are creating an empty Group.

  4. Click the Save Group button to save the group.

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Uploading Candidates to Create a Group

  1. Create a CSV file containing one placeholder candidate. The format of the file would be similar to the one shown below:


    For additional details on creating the CSV file, see Uploading Candidates.

  2. Click Assign | Upload Candidates. You will see the following page:

  3. Leave the Format at the "Default" selection and click the Select File button to locate the placeholder candidate file on your hard drive.

  4. Once the file is selected, click the Continue button.
  5. The following page is displayed:

  6. Select New and type in a Group Name of your choice. This will be the Group to hold your Custom URL candidates.

  7. Click the Continue button.
  8. A Review page is displayed so you can confirm the details. Click the Upload Candidates button to upload and create the new Group.

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Article ID: 4408
Last updated: 16 May, 2014
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