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Password Reset

Article ID: 4394
Last updated: 11 Apr, 2012

If someone forgets their password or gets locked out of their account (after 5 attempts), Pearson Technical Support or the site administrator can reset the password. To do this:

  1. Login to the Pearson Private Label on the pan platform.
  2. Go to Settings | Users. The Manage Users page will be displayed:

  3. Select an Account Type of User and enter any available search criteria.

  4. Click the Search button to perform the search.

    Note: If the user whose password needs to be reset is a member in a client account other than your own, click the Yes button to Include Sub Clients.

  5. Once you have located the user record double-click the record to edit it.

    Note: If the user whose password needs to be reset is in a different client account, you will not be able to double-click their record. You will need to Switch Clients to enter the sub-client’s account prior to setting the user password. One way to do this is to click the Client name in the Client column for this user (it will be a link). Once you have done this, you will need to go to the Settings | Users page for this Client and re-locate the user record by searching again. See
    Switch Clients for more details.

  6. On the user Details tab, scroll down to Login Information:

    Click the Reset Password button to reset the user's password and send an email notification to user. Alternatively, you may set the password directly in this screen and then click Save to save the user record. If the user has locked their account click the No button next to Account Locked in order to unlock their account.

Article ID: 4394
Last updated: 11 Apr, 2012
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