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Error Uploading Candidates

Article ID: 4393
Last updated: 11 Apr, 2012

When uploading a CSV file spreadsheet of candidates to pan using the Upload Candidates feature (under Assign), if there are more than 15 candidates listed in the spreadsheet, pan may display an error, starting at line 17 (header row in line 1 of the spreadsheet, plus 15 candidates). The error appears similar to the following:

Error: Line 17 - Incorrect number of fields (Try inserting data into required fields or a blank space in non-required fields)

This is a known limitation of Excel 2003 and prior in which Excel neglects to insert commas for blank fields in the CSV file after line 16. (See the Microsoft knowledgebase article Therefore, starting with line 17 of the CSV file, commas are NOT inserted for the blank fields, interfering with pan's import of the file.

The workaround is to add spaces into blank fields for rows 17 and above of the file and then re-save the CSV file. Once this is done, re-import the file and all of the candidates will be successfully imported.

Article ID: 4393
Last updated: 11 Apr, 2012
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