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document Average Score Range for Qualitative Descriptives
The primary reason that the range for average was changed for WIAT-III was to align with other tests of achievement. These kinds of tests typically use one SD from the mean as the definition of average which incorporates around 68% of the normal curve. Ability tests, on the other hand, typically use the standard score range of 90-110 which incorporates...
17 Sep, 2010 Views: 37681
document Can I score an assessment for an adult using grade-based norms?
Grade-based norms are not available for examinees above the age of 19:11. When running a Clinician Report, norms data is selected automatically and set to Age if the examinee age is greater than 19:11. If the examinee is between the ages of 4:00 to 19:11, then the option to select Grade or Age Based Norms data is available for selection.
28 Dec, 2011 Views: 3411
document How do I open the Assessment Group on the Scoring Assistant for the WIAT-III?
If the Assessment Group tab is not functioning, this means that the installation of the product was not fully completed. There are two steps to this process. Install PsychCorpCenter-II Platform Install the WIAT-III Scoring Assistant Please insert your CD and complete the installation.
17 Sep, 2010 Views: 5178
document What is the age range for the WIAT-III and is it appropriate for use with college students and graduate students?
Version 1.0.0 of the WIAT-III Scoring Assistant was released to accommodate ages 4:00 - 19:11 years of age. WIAT-III Adult Norms is available now, with an expanded age range of 20:00 - 50:11. This is a free update for users whom already own the kit and are using the WIAT-III Scoring Assistant. It will be an automatic download to the software...
31 Jul, 2010 Views: 53149