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document Administrator changes do not take effect
The administrator must log out, and then log in for the changes to take effect. If this does not help, try closing the browser window and logging in under a new browser session.
02 Apr, 2010 Views: 82
document After searching for a student, the Edit Student link is disabled
This is disabled when the student is not available at your current level. Roster is a way to view where the student is assigned, and the student can be re-rostered if this feature is available for them.
25 Mar, 2010 Views: 87
document Blank screens during assessment
If you are getting a blank screen during the assessment or if the assessment window does not load, you may have a program installed that is blocking it. The following is a list of programs that may be at fault. Internet Pop-Up Blockers Antivirus software - If it does script blocking, such as some versions of Norton Utilities. Internet Security...
25 Mar, 2010 Views: 87
document Can I enter students in different grades into the same class
Since the ERDA scoring is based on the grade, each class must be assigned a particular grade. Classes that have students in different grades must have multiple classes set up in Rapid Reports, one for each grade.
25 Mar, 2010 Views: 78
document Cannot find the site
The web address to go to for ERDA Rapid Reports is  Please only put this in the Address line of the browser. It should not be entered into a search box of a search engine.
02 Apr, 2010 Views: 80
document Enter new students
If you do not have admin rights to enter student information, contact your administration and have them add the students for you. Enter the examinee information. The fields include: First, Last, MI, Region, District, School, Class Name, Class Grade, Email Address, Phone. Enter New Student in Rapid Reports: 1. Logon to Rapid Reports and select Enter...
25 Mar, 2010 Views: 75
document How do I choose a different norm period
Prior to users being able to log on and enter ERDA assessments, the highest level ERDA administrator for your adoption must setup the test period. In the process of setting up the test period, they will choose the norms set that is desired. If this was setup incorrectly, please contact your ERDA Administrator to make a change. The norm sets correlate...
25 Mar, 2010 Views: 74
document How do I delete a student
Do the following to find and delete a student record in ERDA Rapid Reports. 1. Click on Search Students. 2. Select the search criteria desired and click Next. 3. Click Edit Student to open the student record. 4. Click Delete at the bottom of the student record screen. Note: Students with assessments can not be deleted. If you need to delete a...
25 Mar, 2010 Views: 75
document How do I find out my username or password
Administrative Rapid Report users can reset the passwords of users below the administrator's level, District level administrators can reset School level users etc. Harcourt cannot reset passwords.
25 Mar, 2010 Views: 72
document How do I view or print multiple reports at the same time
Reports may only be viewed and printed individually.
02 Apr, 2010 Views: 83
document Is there an additional charge for creating the reports again
Billing is done on the number of entered assessments. The number of reports created for the entered assessments does not impact the amount that will be billed.
25 Mar, 2010 Views: 82
document No active test period available
This lets the user know that no test period exists or that a recent test period has expired. Only the highest level administrator will be able to setup the next test period. ERDA State Contacts Julie Enloe (State/Region Admin) – 608-266-5469 ( Phil Cranley (State Admin) – 608-266-9798...
25 Mar, 2010 Views: 81
document No class is assigned to the user
It is possible to create a class and leave it assigned to ""Unassigned Teacher"". No one will be able to enter scores for this class unless the are assigned to the class, or have the ""Enter data for other users"" check selected. To make the class assignment, do the following. 1. Log in as an administrator for the school. 2. Click Account...
25 Mar, 2010 Views: 75
document Report does not view
After viewing a report, close the window displaying the PDF file then open the next report. This is a known limitation of the report viewer.
02 Apr, 2010 Views: 85
document Required to log back in
After an hour of inactivity, the system will log you out. You will need to log back in if this has occured.
02 Apr, 2010 Views: 75
document Save and or delete button disabled
The Save button is disabled when all required fields are not yet entered. The Delete button is disabled when the action is restricted to safeguard pre-existing data.
25 Mar, 2010 Views: 75
document Student report shows blank
A blank report may mean that the student does not have assessment data entered or the assessment data was deleted. This will create a report with only the demographics information shown.
02 Apr, 2010 Views: 79
document System Requirements
Minimum - Windows: Windows with Internet Explorer (IE) 5.5 or higher Macintosh: Safari 1.0 or higher, Netscape 7.02 or higher, or Mozilla 1.6 or higher Recommended - Windows: Internet Explorer (IE) 6.0 or higher *All users must have browser settings enabled to accept cookies and pop-ups for the Stanford ELP site. SSL 3.0 or higher must also...
25 Mar, 2010 Views: 77
document The Submit Request button disabled when trying to create a report
This button is not enabled until all criteria to build a report have been selected. Verify that all the fields have been filled in before proceeding.
02 Apr, 2010 Views: 76
document What are the periods the norm choices cover
Below is the correlation between the 4 seasons and the correct norms to choose. This is described it the test manual. FALL - September-November WINTER - December-February SPRING - March-May SUMMER - Use the Spring norms (rare, but on occasion someone may want to test in the summer during summer school)
25 Mar, 2010 Views: 105

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