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Troubleshooting Scanner Issues

Article ID: 4537
Last updated: 10 Oct, 2012


First verify that the software has been set up for scanning.  Scanning is not enabled by default in GRADE and GMADE.  Click here for instructions on setting up the software.

When the scanner is ready, the display will read: WAITING FOR COMPUTER

If the display reads INPUT TRAY EMPTY there are either no forms loaded or they are not loaded properly.

If the display reads STOPPED or NOT READY then press the button underneath START.

If the scanner is a USB model, make sure that the drivers are loaded.  NOTE: The drivers need to be version 1.6 for the scanner to work with the software so if you used a 1.4 CD to install the drivers you will need to download the updated 1.6 drivers from 

Serial models can sometimes require a reboot of the machine before they are recognized by the software.


Forms should be loaded with the timing marks (rectangles that run the length of the page) facing towards the display:


Barcode labels need to be placed in the same location on each scan form.  There is a box located on the right side of the scan sheets that can be used as a guide for placing the labels.

The barcode reader should be positioned so that it is at the center of the barcode.

if the device can read bubbles but not barcodes, there is an issue with the barcode reader.

For troubleshooting hardware issues, please contact Scantron at (800) 445-3141 or visit Scantron's support page:

Article ID: 4537
Last updated: 10 Oct, 2012
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