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Setting up GRADE and GMADE for use with a scanner

Article ID: 4531
Last updated: 19 Sep, 2012

Scanners are not enabled by default in GRADE and GMADE.  If you are going to use a scanner with the software, follow these steps to enable it:

1.  Click the Administration Setup icon (circled in orange below):

2.  From the Administration Setup page, click the "Scanning" tab, then select the appropriate option for your scanner type:

You should now be able to select the 'from scanner' radio button from the Process Answer Sheets screen.

NOTE: The version of GRADE or GMADE that is installed must be a scanning version. To verify whether you have a scanning version or not, look at the text at the top of the window. If the word 'Scanning' is NOT there, a scanning version will need to be purchased and the key entered.

Article ID: 4531
Last updated: 19 Sep, 2012
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