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Unable to verify license file

Error Description:

Unable to verify license file
TPC.PCC.Platform.Utilities.PCCException: An error occurred at location:PsychCorpCenter.Entitlement.ValidateLinecse()
Error message: No Value given for one or more required parameters.
Source: Microsoft Jet Database Engine


This message is received when trying to activate products on PsychCorpCenter-II platform. The message is thrown because on a short date format used by the Microsoft operating system that is not compatible with the PsychCorpCenter-II.
To resolve this error you will need to change your computers short date format. To do this you will need to follow the steps below.
  • Navigate to Start/Control Panel/ Regional and Language Options
  • Under Regional Options Tab select Customize
  • Under the Date Tab select the short date format of MM/DD/YYYY
  • Click Apply
  • Click OK
  • Regional Options Tab click OK 
  • Open PsychCorpCenter-II from Start/All Programs/ PsychCorpCenter/ PsychCorpCenter-II
  • If you are prompted to activate your product click yes and this will take you to the Product Activations page. Highlight the product you need to activate and click Activate Product.
  • You should now be able to enter your Serial Number, First Name, Last Name,
  • Click Activate Product.
  • Your product should now be activated
For further assistance or information, please contact the Pearson eSupport Center at (800) 249-0659 M-F from 7AM - 6PM CST