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Attempting to activate WAIS-IV Scoring Assistant generates "Unable to verify license file"

Error Description:

If a Windows user with non-administrative access rights attempts to activate the WAIS-IV Scoring Assistant, an error of "unable to verify license file" displays. When this user attempts to reclick on the Activate Product button, an error message of "Product license has been compromised. Please call technical support for assistance." is displayed.

"Unable to verify license file"
"Product license has been compromised. Please call technical support for assistance."

A Windows non-admin user can open and activate the PCC-II software only if the Windows administrator has not opened the program after installing. If the administrator opens the application after installing, then this will create the error above for the non-admin user. Please follow the steps below to correct this issue.


  1. Log onto system as Windows Administrator
    • Click on Start | Control Panel | Add/Remove Programs
    • Remove WAIS-IV Scoring Assistant
    • Remove PsychCorpCenter-II
    • Navigate to the local disk drive (usually C) and confirm there is not a TPC folder located in the local C:\ drive.
    • If no other PsychCorpCenter products are installed, delete the C:\TPC folder if found.
    • Reinstall PsychCorpCenter-II
    • Reinstall WAIS-IV Scoring Assistant
    • Log off
  2. Log onto system as Windows non-administrator
    • Click on Start | All Programs | PsychCorpCenter | PCC-II
    • Program will ask to set a password, set password.
    • Program will ask to activate inactivated products
    • Select YES
    • Highlight WAIS-IV Scoring Assistant
    • Click on Activate Product
    • Activation window will appear
    • Enter serial number and customer information
    • Click on Activate Product
    • Activation should be completed.

For further assistance or information, please contact the Pearson eSupport Center at (800) 249-0659 M-F from 6AM - 7PM CST

Error Messages: