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Error 1335 a cabinet file required for this install was not found

Error Description:

Error 1335 a cabinet file required for this install was not found
Source file not found (cabinet): D:\ Verify the file exists and that you can access it
Error 1311
Data.1 cab file required for this install cannot be used this installation is corrupt


This error might be the result of an incompatibility between the type of image that is used to create the CD-ROM and the CD-ROM drive on your machine.

Copy the contents of the CD-ROM disc to the local hard drive:

  1. Right-mouse-click on My Computer and click the CD-ROM drive.
  2. Click Edit and choose Select all, then click Edit and choose Copy.
  3. Double-click the local hard drive icon [Local Disk (C)].
  4. Click Edit and choose Paste.
  5. You should see the files from the CD-ROM disc now copied over to the hard drive.
  6. Find Setup.exe in this folder and double click on this to install.

As an alternate fix to this error you can down load the most current updates from our website at Home / Downloads / Download Product Updates and choose Wechsler Products or Other Products. Note: The PsychCorpCenter Platform must first be installed before attempting to install the product updates.

Click on the link below to be directed to the WISC IV Canadian SA updates for 32 bit OS