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file PCCII_1_0_15.exe
PsychCorpCenter-II Platform Update Version 1.0.15
The PsychCorpCenter-II Platform (Version 1.0.15) is required before installing any software product updates which reside in PsychCorpCenter-II. If you do not have this platform version installed, please install before proceeding.
16 Jan, 2012 File size: 59.83 mb Downloads: 86980
file WMS4_RW_2_0_2.exe
WMS-IV Report Writer Update Version 2.0.2
While using the predicted-difference method, the software will use the WMS-IV index score that is predicted from the chosen ability score for the discrepancy comparison (used in interpretive text) rather than comparing the ability score directly to the WMS-IV index score
16 Jan, 2012 File size: 36.55 mb Downloads: 3417
file WMSIV_ReadMe_202.pdf
WMS-IV Report Writer Read Me
16 Jan, 2012 File size: 80 kb Downloads: 2203