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Password Reset Information / User Information Policy

Article ID: 4525
Last updated: 28 Aug, 2012

Unlike AIMSweb or School Success, no password reset email can be generated by support for Review 360.

As long as the user knows the E-mail address associated with the account, they can have their login information emailed to the email address on file.  This can be done from the login screen by clicking the "Forgot Your Login?" button in the lower right hand corner.

Below is an example of the email that is sent out:

"Christopher Ransom,

You can log in to the Review360 at:

Your user name is : cjr

Your password is : abc123$"


In general, we DO NOT change information associated with a user’s account. We can advise the user where to change that information but we are NOT allowed to do this for them.

If the user does not have access to the email account on file and/or they don’t know what the email address on file is, then they will need to talk to their coordinator.

In very rare cases, we can change email addresses, but this is not advised. If a user is insistent that their email address be changed, then tell the customer that you are not authorized to do so and escalate the ticket to L2.

Article ID: 4525
Last updated: 28 Aug, 2012
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