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Parts of the text in the application are not viewable on the screen

Article ID: 2470
Last updated: 27 Jun, 2010

The situation described above is related to a setting in the Windows environment which controls the DPI (dots per inch) of the screen. DPI refers to the number of pixels present per inch of display screen. DPI (dots per inch) settings control the images resolution on your computer, the higher the DPIs the sharper the image will be. You can change the DPI settings to fit your liking.

On windows XP right-click on an empty area on your desktop and go to properties > settings > advanced

You can change the DPI settings to:

Normal size (96 DPI)
Large size (120 DPI)
Custom settings

Normally the computer is set to 96 DPI, most applications are written to fit this setting, if you are having problems with applications not displaying correctly because it does not fit your screen, most likely the problem lies on the DPI settings. In this case, reset your DPI settings back to 96DPI and restart your computer.

Article ID: 2470
Last updated: 27 Jun, 2010
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