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Missing Working Memory Domain information on report

Article ID: 2246
Last updated: 05 Apr, 2010

Frequently Asked Question:

I am missing the Working Memory Domain Information on my report


If you are not seeing the following items on your WISC-IV Integrated report for Working Memory Domain:

  • Process Score Summary: Registration
  • Discrepancy Comparisons: Registration
  • Process Score Summary: Mental Manipulation
  • Discrepancy Comparisons: Mental Manipulation
  • Discrepancy Comparisons: Registration vs Mental Manipulation
  • Process Score Summary: Longest Span
  • Discrepancy Comparisons: Longest Spans

Please navigate to the report wizard – WISC-IV Integrated Options and verify that Country Norm Set and Report Language are set to the correct settings.   


Article ID: 2246
Last updated: 05 Apr, 2010
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