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WNDTLS32.DLL not found; out of memory

Article ID: 1504
Last updated: 14 Apr, 2010

Error Description:

WNDTLS32.DLL not found; out of memory
Report error component tx4ole or one of its dependencies not registered
Unable to retrieve wndtls32.dll
Tx4ole.ocx and wndtls32.dll failed to self-register during install


If you receive these error messages with WISC-IV Writer, please verify the following:

  1. You are logged into the workstation as the administrator. Security software or other restrictions (especially to the system registry) have been disabled or removed.
  2. No other software is running at the time of installation. This includes Windows Startup Items that show up in the system tray.
  3. Use the program Repair or Remove tool to correct the installation. The Repair function is a new tool that lets the user restore the installation without uninstalling and reinstalling the software. Remove will remove all installed features. If you are unable to reinstall, run the Remove tool first, then reinstall.

Additional Information:

The WNDTLS32.DLL error can occur when opening PsychCorpCenter on Windows 2000 (only) after a reboot. The problem is undetermined, but it appears to be the result of a specific image on a specific machine. An identical computer using the same system image may never show the error.

You should be able to eliminate the error by pressing [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[Del] after the error. Once the PsychCorpCenter software is shut down, and restarted, the error will not occur again.

Article ID: 1504
Last updated: 14 Apr, 2010
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