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document Error installing IKernel.exe 0x10000
Error Description: Error installing IKernel.exe 0x10000 Resolution: The error "Error installing IKernel.exe 0x10000" during setup may indicate a problem with the CD. You may also see a message when double clicking on the CD-ROM from My Computer. You can try to remove any tilde in in file name and then try the install if this fails send out the...
14 Apr, 2010 Views: 3681
document System Requirements
PAL version 1.0 (Process Assessment of the Learner) software is compatible with Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0, 2000, and Windows ME operating systems. Windows XP: PAL 1.0.2 is compatible with Windows XP and previous Windows OS. If you own version 1.0, you may contact the Technical Support Center at to request the revision. PAL...
12 Apr, 2010 Views: 1259