Unable to create Connection Adodb 2.5 failed

Error Description:

Unable to create Connection Adodb 2.5 failed


1. Go to http://www.pearsonassessmentsupport.com/support/
2. Click on the download button.
3. Choose the download product updates link
4. Choose Product Updates for 32-bit Windows .
5. Choose Other products
5. Find your product in the product update list and click onthe update button


6. Click on the links to download the software and install it. Choose in the order they are listed. Choose the Platformfirst, download and then install and then do the updates.
7. If during the installation it asks for an authorization code please call us at 800-249-0659 and we will obtain thisfor you.
8. Reboot your computer after the installs.

Please note that when you are prompted to remove or repair, choose repair - removing the software would completely uninstall the program from your PC. You will need to run the update for all you software that you have installed on your computer. You only need to install theplatform once because it is the same for all the products

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Last updated: 30 Jun, 2010
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