Error Messages

This article is used to log information about error messages that have been received and causes and solutions for the errors. There are entries for the following error messages:

Technical Support Contacted error
An Error Occurred


Technical Support Contacted error:

The error message appears as follows:


This particular error is a general error message used in the pan system. Many times it is unclear what the cause is; however, we have noted some specific causes. We will log these here so that others can reference this information as needed:

Invalid Email Template

Received on the Step 3 - Assign tab during the Assignment process, when clicking the Assign to Candidates button. The result was that even though the candidate WAS assigned the assessment, they did not receive their test assignment email (and the Administrator did not receive the copy of the test assignment email).

Cause & Solution:  Extraneous text in the Battery URL link was found in the email template. Once the email template was corrected, the error was no longer received and the Tester Assigned email was sent as expected.

Also received on the Client Approval screen when approving a client who has registered. Upon approval (clicking the Update Administrator button), the user receives the error message and, while the approval operation is successful, the new admin does not receive their approval email.

Cause & Solution:  Two of the templates used in this operation--the Standard Subscription Type Selected (Administrator Notification) and Premium Subscription Type Selected (Administrator Notification)--contained invalid tokens. Due to this, the save validation logic was failing, generating the error. Once the email template was corrected, the error was no longer received and the approval email was sent as expected.


An Error Occurred:

The error message appears as follows:


This error can have various causes. We will log any known causes here to be used as a reference.

Group Name Already Exists

Received when importing candidates into the system from a CSV file using the Upload Candidates function.Group Name is a required field. Additionally, you must enter a Group Name that does not exist (a new Group). If you enter the name of an existing Group, the following error is received when you try to Save the uploaded Group.

Cause & Solution:  The existing Group name causes the error. Once you receive the error, click Close on the Notice box and change the Group Name to a non-existing Group and you will be able to Save successfully.


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