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Can I upgrade my WISC-IV kit to a WISC-IV Integrated Kit?

Article ID: 3723
Last updated: 30 Jun, 2010

The WISC-IV is made up of 15 subtests.  For current owners of the WISC-IV, the WISC-IV Integrated Upgrade Kit (item number 015-8983-319) adds 16 subtests to the original WISC-IV.

WISC-IV Subtests:                    WISC-IV Integrated Subtests
                                                      (in addition to the Original WISC-IV Subtest)
Block Design                              Similarities Multiple Choice
Similarities                                  Vocabulary Multiple Choice
Digit Span                                    Picture Vocabulary Multiple Choice
Picture Concepts                        Comprehension Multiple Choice
Coding                                          Information Multiple Choice
Vocabulary                                   Block Design Multiple Choice
Letter-Number Sequencing     Block Design Process Approach
Matrix Reasoning                       Elithorn Mazes
Comprehension                         Visual Digit Span
Symbol Search                            Spatial Span
Picture Copletion                        Letter Span
Cancellation                                Letter-Number Sequencing Process Approach
Arithmetic                                     Written Arithmetic
Word Reasoning                        Coding Recall
                                                       Coding Copy
There are software upgrades available as well:
WISC-IV Scoring Assistant Upgrade to WISC-IV Integrated Scoing Assistant, Item # 015-8983-297
WISC-IV Writer Upgrade to WISC-IV Integrated Writer, Item #015-8983-319

Click on the link below to be directed to our web site for additional product and price information.

Article ID: 3723
Last updated: 30 Jun, 2010
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